mardi 4 octobre 2011

Bruce Dickinson

I was rather charmed by Iron Maiden's singer, then launching a short solo career with the release of his Tattooed Millionaire album (March 1990). Of course he was and is a fantastic singer, but what struck me was his enthusiasm, the way he talked about what a great album Never mind the bollocks was or how a good rock drummer needs that little bit of "jazz". And there's the bit about masturbation, of course.

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mardi 13 septembre 2011


Yes, at last a second post ! I knew these tapes were somewhere, I knew I'd be able to find a minute to transfer them... Anyway this is a meeting with Soundgarden in July 1990. They had just released their Louder than Love album, which I'm pretty sure was the first one to come out in France. A real breath of fresh air at the time. They were the first "Seattle band" to make it big of course, which made it all the more fun to notice there was no talk of "grunge" as yet. The press release had fed me the line that the band called their music "zen metal" so we started on that. As can be heard the atmosphere was jolly, and a few interesting thoughts were expressed, eg concerning the way the absence of playing ability can free one's writing abilities.
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mardi 21 juin 2011

Gary Moore

Hey everyone,
Around twenty years ago I started my working life with a stint as a music journalist for a French guitar magazine. It was a great experience, and I had the chance to meet many talented musicians, some well remembered, some now faded from view. Articles, suitably translated and edited were published, but tapes lingered in my cellar all that time. Back then there was no easy way to share them out, but it suddenly dawned on me the other day the technology is now here to do just that.
So in the hope somebody's interested, I'll kick the series off with an interview with Gary Moore, a great guitarist, and a lovely person, who had a distinguished career both in bands (Thin Lizzy in particular) and solo. This interview is from March 1990, as the album Still got the blues was being released.

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